GitHub page for my GSoc Project

This project is maintained by rptr

I’m making progress with interfacing with LibreOffice, I can now start and run slideshows, which is what the project is about at its core.

I’ll update with a screenshot/ photos of the project running on my Raspberry Pi as soon as possible.

Below is my report for week 4

These last two weeks I’ve been stuck on integrating my program with LibreOffice (mentioned in previous report), but I’ve finally figured out how to get it to work and am now back on track. I’m about two days behind schedule but I’ll catch up now the problem’s solved.

Originally this was going to be done with Impress Remote Protocol, but URP/ UNO seemed like a better choice, so we agreed to go for that. The coming weeks (5-7) were supposed to be spent adding features and doing other work related to the IRP server, I’m not sure how valid this is now and will discuss it with my mentor.

Spent most days on