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What happened lately: the lid hinges of my laptop broke for the second time, so I decided to buy a new (used) laptop. As always I didn’t back up my files properly (installed new OS on same disk), so had some transition issues.

Apparently I hadn’t saved my username+password for the Wekan board, so I’ve created a new one:


This is the old one:


Right now I’m doing some JavaScript front-end stuff. I decided to use React partially for selfish reasons (good opportunity/ reason to finally learn some proper web front-end stuff which I would never otherwise do) and also because I want to create a proper and nice product.

Specifically, it’s from the JavaScript Impress Remote, basically the Impress Remote in the browser. It’ll require one to run a server beforehand so it’s not as easily installed as the Android/ iPhone remotes, but it’s intended to be used with the LibreSign project.

Also obviously doing the backend and so on for this.

Really need to record a video demo of LibreSign soon. It doesn’t look too bad if the presentation itself is well-made :)