GitHub page for my GSoc Project

This project is maintained by rptr

It’s been a while since my last blog post, quite a bit has happened now and the project is starting to turn into a complete product.

Documentation has been written now, for using and developing the program. The main documentation is the readme in the main repo ( and there are readmes for the other three repos as well (see links above).

It should give some meat on the bones for anyone wanting to contribute and also instructions for anyone wanting to use this project. It should be as easy as running these commands in a terminal:

install python, pip pip install libresign libresign

The user interface for the web control panel was a bunch of buttons all summer, but now I’ve turned it into something somewhat nicer. It’s not my strongest point, but I’m trying to and want to make it fancy and responsive.

The last few weeks I also spent a lot of time on the browser Impress Remote which is pretty decent now. It installs as part of the libresign PyPI package but I’ll make it run as a standalone application as well, although I’m not sure if anyone would use it like that.