GitHub page for my GSoc Project

This project is maintained by rptr

This is a from-scratch project created separately from the LibreOffice source.

This program is meant to run on a single-board computer connected to a TV screen displaying LibreOffice Impress presentations automatically. There is a “conference” mode, where users can upload presentations, select them to be played and then control the presentation with the Impress Remote. For this the JavaScript/ browser version of the Impress Remote was created as part of the GSOC project. There is also a “digital signage” mode where presentations are displayed automatically after being uploaded and looped indefinitely.

The original project proposal and plan can be found here:

Work done:

Screenshot of the control panel

Screenshot of the browser Impress Remote

What you can do with it:

Please refer to the readme in the LibreSign repository for instructions on how to use this project:

Things to do:

The original project plan was rather modest, so some things were planned and added as we went along during the summer. We’ve also come up with features that might be added in the future. Here’s what’s left on the Kanban board,

If you have any suggestions for additions you can e-mail me or send in a pull request with changes to the WISHLIST in the main repository (


I hope people will find a use for this and that someone might even add to it. I intend to fix any kind of problem with it in the future and would love to add any reasonable features which might be wanted.